About us


Rebalance Outside In is the leader of modern symbol design (symbols inspired by science, not faith) for the personal development market. 

Where most personal development is entirely about an inner process, we focus on change from the outside in. Simply because when you change your environment, you change yourself. 

Our symbols act as a mirror for your personal development. They make it easier to rebalance life by letting you change your immediate environment. 

Modern life takes all of us out of balance constantly, and we all need rebalance to move forward in life and make better choices. Our symbols are extremely powerful tools for that process. They set a clear direction for our focus towards becoming better versions of ourselves — without the dogma of religion.

Our mission is to rebalance the world through the continuous design and technology of our symbols. 

We are rooted in Elsinore, Denmark, but present globally through our web-shop.

Michell & Jacquiline

Who is behind the company?

We are a Danish couple who think it is time to build a bridge between the human need for inspiration through symbols and science. In a modern world, which is ruled by science, we must all find a way to align our fundamental values with that. We created Rebalance Outside In to make that a little easier.

We have been through most personal development processes ourselves for more than 20 years, ranging from business coaching and team building to psycho therapy and spiritual practices. And, we have been on both sides of the fence as both teachers and clients.

Modern symbol design is inspired by science, and so are we. Typically math, physics and biology (but anything goes). We are inspired by these fields of science the same way other designers are inspired by cities or nature.

We think of our symbols as a powerful technology for changing human behaviour and continue to develop it to a higher level through great design. 


Jacquiline Østergaard, Chief Designer (born 1976) has a background in business and Pilates and is a self taught designer. After a serious traffic accident in 2003 she had to give up a lucrative business leader track and find a new way in life.

She became a top Pilates instructor and soon after ventured into the personal development industry. This is where she created her philsosophy of rebalance-outside-in over the next 15 years. She simply found out that the easiest way to rebalance yourself is by changing your environment. Through this philosophy she was able to heal herself.

She has always had an interest in design and has been drawing symbols for years without knowing exactly what to use them for. When she met Michell it became crystal clear.


Michell Léon Stjernberg, CEO (born 1972) is originally educated as a journalist and worked as a political speech writer at top government level in Denmark before becoming an entrepreneur; to begin with in the personal development industry. He has since been involved in various entrepreneurial projects, among others Duckling where he is Co-founder. He uses design thinking and the method of Andy Cunningham as his favourite strategic business tools.

Along the way he met his spiritual mentor, Calle Montsegur, who was a seer living in Andalusía, Spain. He told Michell that one day he would create the new symbols of the world and that these would just come to him. He never really understood what it meant until many years later when he met Jacquiline. Then everything came together.